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St. Louis Recharge & Fire Control

St. Louis Recharge is making a change in 2015 to paperless billing.

 If you'd like to move your company over to this E-mail based

billing system please contact our office at 636-861-1395


E-Mail us at

To set-up "Paperless Billing" via Email there is some information we'll need.

  1. The set-up E-Mail MUST be sent to us from the E-Mail address you want future invoices to go to.
  2. The E-Mail must contain the contact persons name.
  3. The E-Mail must contain the contact persons phone number.
  4. The E-Mail must contain the contact persons E-Mail if its different from the billing address.


E-Mail set-up for paperless billing is for current clients only.

New clients must contact the office at 636-861-1395.


E-Mail us at:

We hope that this addition to our billing process will help our company serve you better.

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