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Was Your Extinguisher Condemned Because of Age?

Listed Below, You'll Find the NFPA Rules Governing

"Obsolete" Fire Extinguishers.

(The codes are from the NFPA 10 handbook, 2010 Edition)


4.4 - Obsolete Fire Extinguishers - The following types of fire extinguishers are

considered obsoleteand shall be remover from service:


(1) Soda Acid

(2) Chemical Foam (Excluding film-forming agents)

(3) Vaporizing Liquids (e.g. Carbon Tetrachloride)

(4) Cartridge-Operated Water

(5) Cartridge-Operated Loaded Stream

(6) Copper or Brass (excluding pump tanks) joined by soft solder or rivets

(7) Carbon Dioxcide Extinguishers with medal horns.

(8) Solid charge-type AFFF extinguishers (paper cartridge)

(9) Pressure Water Fire Extinguishers Manufactured prior to 1955

(10) Any Extinguishers That Needs To Be Inverted To Operate

(11) Any Stored Pressure Extinguishers Manufactured Before 1955

(12) Any Extinguishers with 4B, 6B, 8B, 12B, and 16B Fire Ratings.

(13) Stored-Pressure Water Extinguishers with Fiber Glass Shells (Pre-1976)


4.4.1* Dry Chemicals stored-pressure extinguisher manufactured prior to October 1984 shall be removed from service at the next 6 year maintenance interval or the next hydro-test, whichever comes first. Subsection 4.4.1 shall not apply to wheeled-type dry chemical stored-pressure fire extinguishers.

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